It is approaching towards the middle of the night with clear skies and countless stars in this Community of Light , sitting on the skirts of range of mountains over looking a valley with a large lake, formed mostly by musicians. Many of the housing complexes in the community is already asleep while some households seem to be still up and active.
In one of the housing complexes, a dome shaped two-story structure with around a 12,000 square foot base, most of the members of the household are gathered together in the living room area of the open common-use part of the house. This open common-use part is circled by the private and individual rooms of the members of the household and has a circle glass ceiling in the middle with the Greatest Sign painted on it. In the second story this glass area, which is the ceiling for the first story, is in the middle of an open area used only for meditation and prayer as a quiet area. The second story has a tinted glass ceiling also.
The living room area is a wooden stage that is about twenty inches higher from the floor. They had some soft rugs on this stage and some cushions to sit on. Some of the cushions are shaped like chairs or sofas without feet and some sit on these cushions and some lay down in relaxed positions. Everyone seems to just share their presence with everyone else. There is no conversation going on, and all is just enjoying the silence. Couple of them have small music instruments and play the rhythm of the Hosh mantra very quietly on the background.
After a while a younger person from the group breaks the silence with his soft, melodic voice as he lets God come through him:

- In the beginning… was the Word……And the Word was with God….Word was God.

Others all just gaze at him and observe. They stop playing their instruments as he continues:

- All forces were in balance……. And it all just Was…. Silence!

As he continues one of the others starts a beat on his small drum accompanying the lyrics.

- Then the balance was… Disturbed……. And everything got stirred.

Another one from the group starts a very soft melody on the background with her instrument that looks like a mini harp.

- I know… I do… I've done……And the unity… was gone.

And, the end result of this wonderful night is the lyrics to a FINE Story…

FINE Story

In the beginning, was the Word

And the Word was with God, Word was God.

All forces were in balance,

And it all just Was….. Silence!

Then the balance, was disturbed,

And everything got, stirred!

I know, I do, I’ve done,

And the unity, was gone.

There it was, the big bang,

All unit consciousnesses, were back..

Ether, liquid, gas fire, solid,

Created all, whatever, you name it.

There was darkness, there was chaos,

Violence was in the ambience.

The unity got awakened,

And realized, some got darkened.

It manifested itself, into darkness

No way, this can not stay lightless!

So it started to walk, the Path,

It got easy after, that.

Remembered the Essence, Experienced FINE

Lets get together all and this would be done.

Not many listened to Him,

But he continued singing, the Hymn.

Sacrifice brought, surrendering,

And he forget himself in, submitting,

To this One God which is All,

So common all, lets give it up for,

Formless, Invisible, Nameless, Eternal

The Essence of all, that is universal.

He become the dynamic spiritual force,

Paravipra that is, who walks the course.

Paravipra is, the real Jedi

Walking the Path, he does not die!

In Pure Consciousness, he and He, becomes One,

And all the ego, was gone!

So God saw the Light, it was good

He called this heaven, of the mood.

The darkness he called, Night,

Which ended the first, insight.

God decided to create, a system

To guide all towards, wisdom.

He planned the creation in his, mind

So that things would manifest, primed.

He set the evolution as the, logic

For this universe which is, yogic.

He planned all in pha-ses

Created He man in His like-ness.

Instead of going up, man fell down

All the way to the bottom, it has come.

12K ago, men had powers

Lived in Atlantis, ruled the towers.

Yet man fell again, into darkness,

This caused him to wonder in, wildness.

God brought the flood and made man blind,

Good was rescued and bad was, fined!

12 millennium ago, all this happened,

And the story stayed with man, for those who listened.

So the paravipras, was chosen

And the Plan was, in motion.

Noah started, with the mystery

Taught the new generation, from His-story

Mystic knowledge, was taught

Only to those, who sought.

4 thousand BC, it was time,

To reveal the second step, of the rhyme.

Abraham started, the Hebrews

They taught all, what happens to, sin-doers.

They had the community, as their base

And God to follow, in His Ways.

Christ came to show how this is pos-ible.

Sacrifice is the key, otherwise, its not do-able.

He went to the cross for his, ideal

This is the example for all, to find real

Gathered he together, the people

Released the Grace and thought the mystery, in deeper.

Then came Prophet Muhammed, as prophesied

And taught surrendering, to One God.

He brought the Kingdom, for a short while

And they ruled over east and west, of the Nile.

Later came, the Bab.

Universalism brought he, right on the dot!

They shot him but this did not stop it,

Message was given the rest did not matter, a bit.

Baba realized, who is a Paravipra,

He attracted many, including Maitreya.

Paravipra is, incorruptible

His abilities are, indispensable.

Works like a shudra, fights like a ksattriya,

Thinks like a vipra, manages like a vaesheya.

Paravipras are, the leaders

They will teach all to become, self healers!

Finally it was time to reveal, the Mystery,

Maitreya is the One to make sense out of, History,

He opened the book sealed with, 7 seals,

The whole universe rejoiced praising the sheep on the, kneels.

The whole Path is now again, revealed

So the full cups can be, emptied.

To fill up with the new, wine

The nectar that comes with following the Greatest, Sign,

And, at the end, you (be)come, Divine!, is the Source

For those who would like to take this, course.

It’s a seven step, journey

Eternal Divine Path all to, u-nity.

Many tried to take the sword out of, the rock

Maitreya is given it for our own, good luck.

He is calling his knights, now

To have only God, to bow!

Tribulation is on, humanity,

There is only one way out of this, calamity.

Communities of Light is the, answer,

To heal this world from, cancer.

Lets ride this Big Wave, to salvation

United under One, protection.

Golden Age will be our, new beach

To live fully in, every inch.

The way is given, The Path is shown…

All Thanks to God for the Om.

This is Unus’ action call,

He is out and Loves It, All!!!


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